Choosing the Right Business Shirts or Suits

There are many things that influence how people perceive your business, and one of them is your employees’ uniforms. Corporate uniforms exemplify a company’s corporate identity, so it’s important to put some thought to how your employees should be dressed. Here are three key factors to consider about choosing the right corporate apparel for your business:


Style depends on the kind of image your company chooses to project. In a corporate setting, long sleeves are seen as more formal, while short sleeves cast a more relaxed, casual style.

Colour also affects first impressions. Neutral colours—grey, navy, white, and black—project a more serious or conservative corporate environment, valuing expertise and authority, as opposed to opting for brighter coloured apparel, which casts a preference for youthfulness, creativity, and openness.


People vary in shapes and sizes, so if the cut and size options are limited, some of your employees could end up being poorly dressed, which will reflect back to how people view your company. Furthermore, ill-fitting, heat-trapping, itchy uniforms are uncomfortable; discomfort, whatever the source, inevitably affects employees’ productivity and job performance.


Consider your supplier’s production capacity. The company should be able to produce for your entire business team, and offer many interesting choices of styles, even as one style would inspire a design that you would later choose to customise. They should also be able to indicate the brand and material. You want good quality and dependability—the capability to deliver your orders on time.


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