How Top-Quality Corporate Uniforms Benefit Your Business as a Whole

Being the largest city and capital of Western Australia, Perth serves as the state’s economic centre. For local business owners, this means a whole lot of feisty competition. If you would like to start a business, or stay head and shoulders above everyone else, then pay attention to your brand recall success.

A great way to imprint your brand on consumers’ awareness is to have your employees wear company uniforms, specifically well-fitting business shirts that either discreetly or prominently bear your logo. Branded outfits such as these can benefit your customers, employees, and company as a whole.


Make Your Mark: Use Your Brand Colours on Business Shirts and Uniforms

Consumers are known to associate certain physical attributes to companies. Once they do, that brand will forever be distinguished by whatever is retained in the customer’s mind. For instance, the colours you pick to represent your company will play a big role in brand establishment and future marketing initiatives.

Your colours don’t just have to appear on your products, logos or merchandise; they should also be worn with pride on the customised business shirts and uniforms that you provide your employees.

Corporate Gift Ideas: Why You Should Consider Business Card Holders

In the age of smartphones, when people can exchange contact information with the touch of a button, do business card holders still make viable corporate gift ideas? Does that not make business cards and, consequently, business card holders, obsolete? The answer might surprise you.

Business Cards are Thriving

Even in today’s digitally dominated world, there’s something about these little pieces of rectangular paper that speak immensely of power. At meetings, conferences, and even tech gatherings, businesspeople choose to exchange business cards instead of tapping away on their smartphones. According to Business Insider Australia, even Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg sees fit to hand out business cards. That sort of staying power simply defies expectations.

Corporate Gift Ideas: Rewarding Your Employees for a Job Well Done

Customers may be the lifeblood of your business, but your success would not have been possible in the first place without your hard working employees. It is, therefore, only fitting to reward your top performers and acknowledge the effort they’ve been putting in to help your business succeed.

Gift shopping for your employees, however, might prove even harder than finding something to give your top clients. Here are some excellent corporate gift ideas to help you get started.

Corporate Branding: 3 Tips to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

When you say “brand”, what usually comes to mind? As a new business owner, perhaps you think of your company’s logo, your products, your taglines, and marketing campaigns. Although these are all essential elements of corporate branding, there is one other factor you should not overlook: brand ambassadorship.

Your marketing department shouldn’t be solely responsible for nurturing brand recognition and acceptance. Each member of your workforce should contribute to the entirety of a company’s identity. Your employees, for instance, could be sharing stories about their work experience outside. How they conduct themselves in public will also, in a way, affect how people perceive your brand.

Add-on Promotional Products and Other Tips to Make Your Mail Outs Work

Mail outs are must-haves in every strategic marketing campaign. Since the items are targeted, you can be confident that your money is spent on a market pool with higher conversion odds. Additionally, mail outs promote brand recognition since they can be shared with other members of the household or office. Furthermore, they provide plenty of information which can be used for later reference, unlike other types of advertising where exposure is fleeting.

In spite of their marketing power, however, mail outs have one of the highest rejection rates. People are barraged with advertising messages every day, after all, so you need to exert a bit more effort to make sure your mail outs capture your targets’ attention and convince them to take your desired action. From using promotional products or other freebies as complements to enhancing your overall content quality, there are many ways you can improve mail outs to boost the bottom line for your Perth business.