Corporate Branding: 3 Tips to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

When you say “brand”, what usually comes to mind? As a new business owner, perhaps you think of your company’s logo, your products, your taglines, and marketing campaigns. Although these are all essential elements of corporate branding, there is one other factor you should not overlook: brand ambassadorship.

Your marketing department shouldn’t be solely responsible for nurturing brand recognition and acceptance. Each member of your workforce should contribute to the entirety of a company’s identity. Your employees, for instance, could be sharing stories about their work experience outside. How they conduct themselves in public will also, in a way, affect how people perceive your brand.


Customer Retention via Corporate Gifts

When your business is just starting, your logical aim is to acquire customers. However, once you have established a customer base, your focus should move towards retention. The reason behind this is that it’s simply more cost-effective to build up on the loyalty of your current customers than trying to acquire new ones. Of course, you shouldn’t completely leave out the acquisition of new leads; you’re just changing priorities.

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