Corporate Gift Ideas-Little Tricks to Gifting Employees for Motivation

Corporate gifting is not just about forming relationships with current or prospective clients but with employees as well. Companies use corporate gifts to show appreciation to employees. Finding the right items to give to workers is a tough decision that most executives face.

Why Do It

If you are looking for the best gifts to give to your employees, you have first to ask why you are doing it. Understanding the purpose behind the gift will help you narrow your choices. If it’s a holiday like Christmas or New Year, find gifts that suit the occasion. A gift to an employee may also be because you want to celebrate their hard work. For instance, an employee that has brought in a lot of profits for the company deserves recognition.

Think About it

A lot of attention should go into the choice of gifts because it is an opportunity to foster relationships with employees. A business card holder, for instance, is practical but may not fully convey the message you want to pass along.


Corporate Gift Ideas: The Astonishing Value of a Business Card Holder

Everyone is aware of the importance of business cards. Not only are they an entirely personal means to exchange information within a network, but they are also still considered the most effective direct marketing tool in existence. So how can a business card holder add to this appeal and why is this handy device so important today?

The Power of Professionalism

There is nothing worse than fumbling around for a business card after a high-level meeting with potential stakeholders. A card holder carries an air of professionalism that is hard to miss. It hints on a keen sense of organization and an overall business-like approach to things. The exchange of cards is one of the last steps in a meeting, and the final image one wants to project at this moment is that of someone who is cool, calm and collected.

Great Corporate Gift Ideas: Making Them Significant to the Recipient

Giving a gift to a loved one is enough for a person to feel a considerable amount of stress. Imagine the pressure a business owner would feel with the idea of giving gifts to their loyal customers and colleagues.

Corporate gifts, however, require more thought than personal gifts, and particular guidelines should be followed. Choosing the wrong gift may present the wrong message to your clients and colleagues. An effective gift, then, should be significant to the recipient, and here are some helpful corporate gift ideas to get you started on looking for the right one.

Corporate Gift Ideas: Personalising Your Corporate Card Holder Gifts

Giving personalised gifts is an art that takes a lot of creativity and thought. Corporate gifting is a practice that has been ongoing for a long time. However, there have been some changes regarding how companies provide gifts nowadays. Personalised gifts have become the order of the day. It is not enough to give your major clients gifts just for the sake of it. Whatever gift you intend to give, customising enhances its appeal and demonstrates creativity and appreciation.

One corporate gift idea that you can explore is a card holder. You can supply card holders to your major clients, employees or potential customers. A card holder is practical because people still use business cards for contact information, and they need to store them. Take a look at these corporate gift ideas for your card holders.

Corporate Gift Ideas: Tips on Gifting Business Partners and Employees

Sometimes you can be so wrapped up in managing and running your business that the aspect of thanking those who have made your professional success possible is forgotten. We are talking about your employees, business partners and clients. Listening to your employees can help you in the selection of gifts. In fact, today, many human resources departments are conducting yearly employee surveys for corporate gift ideas.

Gift-Giving to Corporate Partners

Selecting gifts to be used in a corporate environment may appear like a daunting undertaking. This is because innumerable factors must be taken into account and many gift types disqualified altogether. There is also the pressure between selecting a gift that flatters and impresses the recipient and gifts that will continue promoting your business brand or company.

How Stubby Holders Make for the Perfect Corporate Gift at Big Events

Stubby holders are an important aspect of Australian culture and there’s no better way to impress business clients and friends than gifting custom printed stubby holders for events or special occasions. As evidence of the love for these stubby holders, recent events showed just how powerful these could be in raising brand awareness.

Unique Stubby Holders for the Audience

Jameson Irish Whiskey promoted their links with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March 2015 when they distributed 25,000 NFC stubby holders. These unique stubby holders featured links to some of the funniest moments at the Comedy Festival, activated when drinkers tapped the tags attached to each stubby holder.

Great Corporate Gift Ideas Your Valued Clients Will Really Appreciate

Giving gifts to your clients is a great way to thank them for their patronage and support for your business. This practice also helps build good relationships and presents an opportunity to do some brand marketing at the same time. However, not all gifts are well received; some may end up in the bin or left in a drawer to accumulate dust. To avoid wasting your efforts and resources, here are some great corporate gift ideas your valued clients will surely appreciate and find useful.

Something Useful

Nobody throws out something of practical value. For this reason, choose something that is appropriate to the recipient’s stature and the nature of the business. For instance, a client who has a small office business in Perth would appreciate finely made pens, and notebooks, not to mention drink ware such as coffee mugs, stubby holders, and coasters.