Are You Making the Most of Your Brand using Promotional Products?

In a digital marketing world where everything is online or in the cloud, it’s very easy to forget the basics of good company promotion. No matter what business you are in, using packaging to promote your company logo, whether on paper, plastic bags or boxes, is the most basic form of promotional marketing.

Coke and Pepsi are probably the most notable businesses using packaging to promote their brand, they spend millions of dollars annually. The promotional packaging is still visible long after the product has been consumed. Even the guy removing the bin bag full of crushed cans knows what everyone has been consuming.


Choose High-Quality Promotional Items to Maximise Trade Show Benefits

Trade shows throughout Australia’s leading business hubs, such as Perth, provide the perfect opportunities to use your promotional products to maximum effect. Play your cards right at these industry sponsored events, and you can reap huge benefits for your business.

Smart Insights breaks these benefits down into four general aspects.

Lead Generation

Amongst other things, you stand to gain lucrative and highly targeted business leads. Take each trade show you join as an opportunity to expand your customer base. You can expect attendees to be actively seeking what you offer, and even ready to close a deal right there and then. In other words, the leads you gather at these events can be far more valuable than contacts picked out at random from a business directory.

Top 3 Qualities to Incorporate in Promotional Products for Tradeshows

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff at Perth trade shows? From a marketing perspective, though, these promotional products can drive traffic to your booth, create awareness for your brand, and even stimulate action from prospects. Considering the wide variety of giveaway items available these days, how can you best identify the one that suits your business’s purpose? Here are the three attributes that can enhance the marketing potential of your giveaways.

1. Generic. The number one objective of tradeshow giveaways is to create strong brand awareness, and this is where generic items are particularly effective. A good generic item is one that an individual would find practical use for, long after the event associated with it. Good examples include pens, notepads, key chains, highlighters, mugs, and other similar articles. The more personal and frequent the item’s usage, the more your brand is likely to stick in people’s minds.